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We've just increased our Festo offering to 13,000 products. So whether it's pneumatic or electrical devices you are looking for, you'll find what you need in our Festo automation portfolio: choose from cylinders, slides, axis, sensors, valves, drives, or anything else in the Festo range. We'll get it to you fast!

Featured Products

    DSBC Pneumatic Cylinders: the all-rounder

  • Reduce your installation time with innovative, patented self-adjusting cushioning
  • Cushioning adapts optimally to changes in loads and speed, thus minimising wear
  • High-alloy steel piston rod provides excellent running performance, low overall weight and long service life

DGST Mini Slide

  • The most compact slide drive on the market
  • Extremely precise: thanks to slide and yoke in one unit
  • Cost-efficient: cushioning generally integrated
  • Heavy-load capacity: precise recirculating ball bearing guide
  • Seven sizes available: from DGST-6 to DGST-25

Find out more about the DGST Mini Slide

Strong, precise and compact. The twin-piston version of the mini slide DGST impresses with its precise and powerful recirculating ball bearing guide. Outstanding is the combination of slide and yoke into a single part ensuring the greatest possible accuracy.

VUVS Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

Flexible, robust and durable for use in harsh environments. High flow rates and suitable for a broad range of applications.

PUN-H tubing

Suitable for standard applications and in wet areas. Its resistance to hydrolysis and macrobes makes it perfect for use in food industry.

SOOD Optical Sensors

Install and start - without parametising! SOOD is a fast and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of object detection tasks.

SOOE Optical Sensors

All optical functions in an IP69K sensor housing. Reliable part detection and distance measurement. Suitable for Industry 4.0 through IO-Link®.

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