Founded in 2007 following the split of Tyco International to create Tyco Electronics Ltd and Covidien, the company later changed their name to TE Connectivity in 2011. This name change was intended to better communicate the company's position as a connector and sensor component manufacturer. Headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania and as a 14 billion USD technology leader globally, TE Connectivity employs 80,000 people in 50 countries across EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Recognised by Thomson Reuters as a Top 100 Innovator for the fourth year running, TE invests 5 percent of its sales into Research and Development and has over 18,000 patents awarded or pending.

The primary market segments served by TE Connectivity include transportation, network, industrial and consumer solutions. The vast array of products includes:

  • Connectors

  • Heat shrink tubing

  • Passive components

  • Terminals and splices

  • Cable assemblies

  • Lighting assemblies

  • Relays, contactors and switches

  • Cable and wire

  • Connecting the Home of Tomorrow with TE Connectivity

    The home of the future is here and TE Connectivity provides a wide range of connectors, sensors, relays and switches for your automated home devices.

    Featured Products

    Circular Plastic Connectors

    • Versatile, rugged and reliable
    • Ideal for use in signal or power applications
    • Available in a range of shell sizes and contact configurations

    Nector M Power System Connectors

    • Quick and easy installation of wiring systems
    • Ideal for leading dual cables from a single source
    • Reconfigurable alternative to hard-wired connections
    • Pluggable, modular connectors with positive locking

    USB-C Mid-Mount PCB Connector

    • Single solution for power, data and A/V applications in a slim design
    • Faster performance up to 10Gbps
    • Reversible mating feature
    • Supports the USB 2.0 and 3.1 standards

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