USB приемопередатчики

USB transceivers are a type of circuit chip that prepares, transmits and receives data from another transceiver.

What do USB transceivers do?

A transceiver is a device in which both a transmitter and a receiver are combined. They share common circuitry and are housed in a single device. The term "transceiver" means that the device has a transmit and receive function that helps the user to encode and decode data, and indicate where errors are present.

Applications of transceivers

In the past, transceivers were commonly used to interface (join together) computers to peripheral devices such as modems, printers, keyboards, joysticks, and mice. Since this type of application is now fulfilled by universal serial bus (USB), transceivers are used in applications such as GPS, glucose meters, barcode scanners, automotive telematics, set-top boxes, and gaming devices. This is mainly because their small size and portability allows for easy transfer between the USB and device.

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  • Бренд Microchip
  • Номер производителя (MPN) USB3322C-GL-TR
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