Рукоятки, ручки и маховики

Рукоятки, ручки и маховики от RS Components подходят как для промышленного, так и для домашнего использования. Здесь представлены натяжные рычаги, зажимные рукоятки, рукоятки для переноски, изогнутые и трапецевидные рукоятки.

RS Pro Wall Boxes

Ideally suited to industrial applications are these two ranges of RS wall boxes, both provide IP66 ingress and IK10 impact protection, available in mild steel for general purpose applications and stainless steel for harsh environments.

3M Bumpon™ Protective Products

Feet, stops and spacers to reduce vibration, noise and impact - extending the working life of your industrial furniture, installations or electronic devices. Adhere fast to various surfaces, and resistant to abrasion.

New Products At RS

RS is continually expanding its market leading range of Electronics, Automation & Control and Maintenance support products.