Переносные генераторы и принадлежности

Переносные генераторы, поставляемые компанией RS Components, подходят для работы в любых условиях и пригодны для аварийного использования. У нас Вы также можете приобрести полный спектр дополнительных принадлежностей к ним.

Puls CP10 Power Supplies

The DIMENSION CP Series are high end PSUs in a medium price range without compromising quality, reliability and performance. Up to 95.2% efficiency at a width of only 39 mm.

New RCOB LED Driver Series From Recom

Specifically developed to meet the requirements of COB (chip-on-board) LEDs. The driver series includes 11 models with output voltages between 25VDC and 44VDC and constant output currents of 350mA to 1050mA, thus offering a suitable driver for virtually any application.

The Pi Story

Small in size and big on performance, each Raspberry Pi from the low power Raspberry Pi A+ to the powerful new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B provides a perfect mix of performance, cost and connectivity.