Оптопары, фотоприемники и фотопрерыватели

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию широкий спектр оптопар (оптоизоляторов), фотоприемников и модулей фотопрерывателей. В ассортимент входит продукция от таких ведущих брендов, как Avago Technologies, Fairchild и Vishay.

Osram OSLON Square LEDs

The most compact high power white LEDs offering extremely low thermal resistance, remarkable high efficiency, high reliability and superior robustness. Ideal for industrial, outdoor, street and tunnel lighting.

The Pi Story

Small in size and big on performance, each Raspberry Pi from the low power Raspberry Pi A+ to the powerful new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B provides a perfect mix of performance, cost and connectivity.

Production Packaging From RS

Thousands of electronic components packed in tubes, trays and continuous strips for use in automated production equipment.