Ножи, ножницы и мульти-инструмент

Ознакомьтесь с нашим широким ассортиментом высококачественных ножей, ножниц и мульти-инструмента от ведущих производителей Stanley, Leatherman, Gerber и, конечно, классических швейцарских армейских ножей Swiss Army Knife.

RS Pro Screwdriver Sets

Save up to 30% on a selection of RS Pro hand tools and storage products. Great savings on screwdrivers, cutters, torx driver, storage and much more.

NEW Bahco Tool Modules & Kits

Customise your tool storage with the latest range of Bahco tool modules, each set provides a comprehensive range of tools supplied in custom foam inserts that can easily be inserted in a tool cabinet. Also available are a custom made kits, designed for professional engineers

DesignSpark PCB

Specially designed for Rapid Prototyping, turn your circuit ideas into testible boards more efficiently.